Our Aims – Updated


The Big Picture

Our mission is to reduce the burden of chronic disease by advancing the role of pharmacists in the healthcare system.

We hope to establish a network of pharmacies in the community that provide high-impact Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) services that are sustainable and aligned with population health priorities within health plans and health systems, as well as serve as access points for health and social services.

Painting the Picture: Sub-Objectives

  1. Develop value-based payment models with healthcare payers (health plans, health systems) for Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) that improve patient health outcomes and satisfy the financial needs and risks of payers and pharmacists.
  2. Advance the competency of pharmacists to provide high-impact CMM through a training curriculum modeled after the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Breakthrough Learning Series (2-3 live / simulcast meetings per year, regular webinars, personal coaches / consultants).
  3. Enable pharmacies to serve as access points for local health and social services.
  4. Build the CRMC network throughout California, initially focusing on the Greater Los Angeles Area, through partnerships with schools of pharmacy and healthcare organizations.
  5. Expand beyond California, once value-based payment models are successfully demonstrated.