Welcome Letter

Dear friends,


Welcome to the California Right Meds Collaborative! The CRMC was started because of the disconnect between chronic disease management and its continuity of care. Providers, patients, and health systems alike are seeking to overcome the many barriers to adequate, consistent care.


At the CRMC, we believe that comprehensive medication management (CMM) is a viable approach to not only engaging patients in their own care but also providing a connection to their primary providers within a team-based setting. Clinical pharmacists can provide CMM to high-risk patients with uncontrolled chronic conditions, while ensuring that the medication therapy is in sync with the care plans of the primary care providers.


CRMC also understands that an alignment between health plans and providers is essential to fiscally sustainable model of care. And we are actively engaging health plans and systems to develop a value-based payment structure to enable community pharmacies to provide CMM services.


We hope you join us in our efforts to improve our health care landscape.






Steven Chen, PharmD, FASCHP, FCSHP, FNAP

Founder & Executive Director of the California Right Meds Collaborative






CMM model rests on the principles of the Chronic Care Model which fundamentally sits at the intersection between team-based care and patient-centered care and the imperative to enhance patients' capacity for self care.

Steven Chen

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