Clinical pharmacists are experts in understanding how medications work and they will work with you and your primary physician to develop a care plan to make sure you are on the most effective, safest, and lowest-cost medications for your chronic conditions. The treatment plan is custom tailored for you.  

The CRMC is a partnership between patients, clinical pharmacists, and physicians. The purpose of the partnership is to ensure that the medications you are taking for chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, heart failure, etc., are selected and dosed to give you the best results possible, while avoiding harmful side effects.  Our healthcare system often does not do the best job of communicating your care between different physicians, hospitals, clinics, and other places where you get healthcare. As a result, sometimes medications are prescribed that are similar to what you are already taking or you are given a new medication that interacts with another, causing a side effect from the combination.  Our network of CRMC clinical pharmacists will provide Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) to catch these medication-related problems before they occur, avoiding extra visits to your physician or to the emergency room, as well as hospitalizations.

What does CMM look like? You will meet every 1-4 weeks with your clinical pharmacist, either in-person at the pharmacy or by phone or video, until you reach your medical treatment goals. Your clinical pharmacist will be in constant contact with your primary care physician to ensure your safety.